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Hypnosis is a Professional Service

Hypnosis is a professional service, which means that you and I are expected to behave a certain way in order to achieve certain results.

Hypnosis services, as I define them, are a set of relaxation, visualization, and conversation techniques that create a space and time for the meaningful and effective communication between the conscious and unconscious mind.

The experience of hypnosis that I offer is like talking to a good friend who listens, then maybe suggests a life-changing story.

No guarantees, only invitation

Any results from hypnosis come directly from you, not the hypnotist.  You are responsible for your results, I simply invite your subconscious to achieve your intentions.

I look to see if my work inspires more peace, love, beauty, compassion and connection.

Not therapy, but empowerment

Hypnosis is not therapy.  I am not qualified to diagnose or treat medical disorders.  If you feel you need therapeutic support, please establish those relationships before engaging in hypnosis.

I believe that every sentient being is ultimately enlightened, complete, and divine.  You are whatever you might call god, the universe, source.

Not evidence, but truth

Memories and experiences arising in hypnosis may or may not be related to historical memories.  Hypnosis memories in themselves are insufficient evidence to objectively prove a historical event.

Hypnosis offers experiences that are meaningful beyond objective facts, much in the same way a movie or dream might be meaningful.  These experiences reveal deeper truths and inspire meaningful action.

My Intention

I offer my services according to the principle of non-harm and for the benefit of you and all sentient beings.

I believe that every sentient being is ultimately enlightened, whole, complete, needing nothing.  Engagement with that enlightened self leads to healing, insight, and transformation in daily life.


These policies establish a container of mutual respect and empowerment so that you may relax into your hypnosis session, know that you are safe and in control of the experience.

Intended for Relaxation, Entertainment, and Coaching

I offer my hypnosis services for relaxation, entertainment, and coaching purposes only.  I make no guarantees for outcomes or experiences.  

My hypnosis services are defined as a set of relaxation, visualization, and conversation techniques designed to facilitate a meaningful and effective communication between your conscious and unconscious mind.  They are effective in the same way a meaningful conversation, story, or dream is effective.

The hypnosis relationship is not a medical, psychological, or therapeutic relationship because they rely on your own willingness and capacity to engage with these techniques.

Right to Refuse Service

I reserve the right to refuse service to any one at any time for any reason.  There are a few reasons I may refuse service:

  • Your intention is not clear or is against the principle of non-harm
  • You need primary support from a medical or psychological health professional
  • You are seeking overly specific outcomes
  • Appointments are repeatedly rescheduled or cancelled
  • We lack rapport

If we have scheduled sessions and I choose to refuse service, I will handle the remaining sessions according to my cancellation policy.


Life happens and sometimes you need to reschedule, I get it.  Feel free to reschedule up to 48 hours in advance of your session.

Repeated rescheduling will be handled like cancellations.


You may cancel your appointments for a 90% refund up to 48 hours before the appointment.  

Cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment will receive a 50% refund.

Repeated rescheduling and cancellations will result in refusal of service.

Session Preparation

The effectiveness and depth of your session is a function of how you prepare for it.  You should plan to have a journey that is emotionally and spiritually meaningful to you.  

Hypnosis might be like your favorite movie in a huge theater mixed with the magic of childhood holiday celebrations.  Or it could be like the most sacred and inspiring moments you’ve had in nature.

You’re preparing for a meaningful journey, so you might want to do the things you normally do.  You might clear your calendar, book the trip, clean your house, and prepare the camera.  Do whatever you do to feel great knowing you’re finally going on that trip you’ve wanted.


Most sessions are around 60 minutes.  Some are quick and feel complete within minutes and some take multiple sessions.  Our sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes, but I prepare for up to 120 minutes.

I recommend clearing at least 30 minutes before and after the 60 minute session.  At minimum, you should have 120 minutes devoted to your session and ideally 3 hours or longer.


Your space should feel safe, private, and comfortable.  It could be in your bedroom, office, car, or even outdoors.  All that matters is that you feel safe, comfortable, and free from distractions.

Every session has two modes, which are conversation and trance.  Ideally, we’d have video chat for both phases, but I can work with audio only.  

Please plan ahead to find the best posture for sitting and then relaxing.  I’d like for us to see each other during our conversation.  During the trance mode, you’ll be invited to lay down, relax, and close your eyes.  Ideally, I could see your face during trance, but you wouldn’t need to see mine.

Body and Mind

Hypnotic trance is a psycho-spiritual journey.  Its depth and effectiveness is a function of your preparation, will, and openness.  Prepare for hypnosis like any other psycho-spiritual experience.

Deepen whatever spiritual or mindfulness or wellness practice you’re doing now.  Meditation helps a lot, as does yoga and a good diet.

Please refrain from using intoxicants before our sessions.

Open to Dreams and Omens

Pay attention to any dreams, omens, or synchronicity in your life.  Your decision to go on the journey of hypnosis is a communication from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind.  It says that you are willing and open to talk.

Dreams and omens are the language of the subconscious mind.  You might want to start or continue a dream journal or reflect on omens in your life.

Session After Care

Hypnosis is a psycho-spiritual experience.  The trick to having a powerful hypnosis experience is to plan to have one.

You can plan to have a powerful and meaningful session by scheduling time to process, journal, and integrate the experience.


Schedule at least 30 minutes after your session to process and document it.  You need time to return from your journey.  Plan to do a nourishing activity like journalling, yoga, meditation, or grounding.

You may want to schedule a half day or even a full day for your session.  You could schedule more psycho-spiritual activities and make a retreat day of it.  Or else you could keep it open and maybe just walk in nature or do whatever you’re inspired to.

Please plan for between 15 and 30 minutes before assuming significant responsibility, such as child care, driving, or making decisions.  Please wait until the following day to make significant decisions.

Body and Mind

The hypnosis session may have moved a lot of energy or emotion in your body and mind.  It may take several days to process.  Your body and mind are wise and can process what they need to in order for you to feel whole and healthy.

It’s recommended that you drink water, rest, and take it easy for a day or so after the session.  It’s sort of like wanting a vacation after a vacation.  You’ve done a lot.

Make sure to ground yourself after the session.  You can do this simply by feeling your body.  Some people walk barefoot, some do yoga.  It might be helpful to eat a snack or drink water.  Avoid extremes or intoxicants.  Take time to relax and process.  Hug a tree (seriously).

Respect Your Truth

Your experiences in hypnosis are your own.  They are true and meaningful in many ways.  However, they are not evidence.  They are more like dreams than video surveillance. 

Hypnosis experiences are not evidence or testimony.  Don’t accuse or judge any one or thing based on your hypnosis experience.   Just like dreaming of someone tells us information about you, not them, hypnosis only reveals truths about you.

I personally judge the meaning and efficacy of my own hypnosis experiences by their capacity to inspire greater peace, love, creativity, kindness, and connection in myself and those around me. 

Integration Check-in

A good way to care for yourself is to schedule an integration check-in.  This is a quicker and informal chat to check in with how you’re doing and answer any questions you might have.

Every session and package I offer comes with a free check-in session.


Before booking a session with me, please take a moment to review the information on this page.  If you have any questions, your free consultation is a great time to discuss them.

Practitioner Agreement

In our hypnosis relationship, I agree to:

  • Be on time, present and prepared for our session
  • Maintain the professional character of our session
  • Hold your highest and best good as my intent, according to the principle of non-harm
  • Affirm that you are already enlightened, whole, clear, joyous, healthy, and powerful because of the non-dual nature of consciousness
  • Affirm your responsibility and capacity to heal, gain insight, and transform for your benefit and those around you

Client Agreement

In our hypnosis relationship, you agree to:

  • Be on time, present and prepared for our sessions
  • Maintain the professional character of our sessions
  • Hold your highest and best good as your intent, according to the principle of non-harm
  • Practice affirming your non-dual nature as already enlightened, whole, healthy, and powerful
  • Hold full responsibility for your own outcomes and experience
  • Have read and agreed with the definitions, policies, and expectations set forth on this page

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