Extra-Terrestrial/Dimensional Contact Clinic

Offering by-donation hypnosis services

To promote healing, understanding, and choice in extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional contact experience

Including physical, emotional, dream, and soul-level contact

According to the principles of non-harm and in frequency with peace-love-unity consciousness


Do you experience contact with eT/EDs and want deeper peace, healing, understanding, or transformation?

Hi, my name is Daniel and I'd love to help you in finding peace, love, and unity in your contact experiences.

You’re here because you’ve experienced something extraordinary and you want some help making sense of it, integrating it in your life, or some other intent.  Either I invited you here or someone who trusts me did.  Welcome!

Contact with Extra-Terrestrials and Extra-Dimensionals is, well, extra.  It’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling.  I invite you to breath, feel your feelings, and connect in with your higher self.

By working with your higher self through the self-hypnosis techniques below, you can find the healing, peace, understanding, 

You probably have a lot of questions

Here's some frequently asked questions.  If you have another question, please email me at daniel@cosmicdreamhypnosis.com or schedule a consultation now.

What is the ET/ED Contact Clinic?

The Contact Clinic is a by-donation hypnosis program offered to facilitate immediate alleviation of suffering related to ET/ED contact. 

These experiences may include telepathy, hearing voices, psychic perceptions, sleep paralysis, out of body experience, alien abduction, starseed and past life memory, and so on.

Working with your higher self can result in the immediate cessation or transformation of your experience and suffering.  These techniques are offered by donation so that everyone can experience their natural empowerment as a multidimensional being.

What are ET/EDs?

ET stands for Extra-Terrestrial and ED stands for Extra-Dimensional.  These two acronyms refer to what you might imagine as the standard gray alien and also light or spirit beings.  In any case, these beings interact with humans in waking and dreaming states of consciousness, have personality and history, and often times yearn to be of service for peace, love, and harmony.

If you're suffering from contact, you may be dealing with lower frequency ET/EDs or else you may have programming that creates difficulty for you in the contact experience.  You may even feel like a powerless victim of nightmares.  You are not powerless, in fact, you're a multidimensional and sovereign being.  By working with your higher self, you may transform your own experience to peace, love, and service to self and others.  

What sort of experiences does the Contact Clinic deal with?

Any experience of contact or suspected contact with extra terrestrial or dimensional beings.  These experiences might include abduction, telepathic contact, unwanted visitation, memories of far and distant lives.

This includes starseed and hybrid experiences.

How can hypnosis help?

Hypnosis invites a deeper communion of your conscious mind and higher self.  Your higher self is multidimensional and is the perfect synthesis of your sub-conscious, conscious, and super-conscious mind.

The human mind is often limited by belief and conscious concepts.  In fact, many people say that the cause of suffering is simply attachment to concepts. 

Can hypnosis really help me remember?

Yes it can.  Your mind remembers everything it experiences.  If you’re not remembering it, there’s a reason.  Hypnosis invites you to work with those reasons.  

Most of the time, it’s not what you’re afraid of.  Just the thought of remembering something part of you wants hidden is enough to give some people the chills. 

What if I think I might be a starseed, hybrid, or walk-in?

You can remember and work with your own experience by relaxing and working with your higher self.  You may have a feeling that there's something more and you have some guess, but not really sure.  That's okay, let's explore that.  After all, you ended up here for a reason.

The suffering related to not knowing who you are might be equally as intense as an unwanted contact experience, although the expression of the suffering may be different.  There's a reason why you're here, let's get in touch with it and inspire you to do it!

Can hypnosis really shift my unwanted experiences?

You can shift your unwanted experiences because that’s the nature of reality.  You are a sovereign being with free will choice.  Your choice truly matters in multidimensional realms because they’re realms built more with consciousness than matter.

If you feel like your choice is not being respected, you may ask your higher self for a different perspective.  There’s a lot of programming and sources that want you to believe you’re powerless and don’t have a choice.  Your higher self is capable of identifying where you may have given consent in ways that don’t serve your highest good and set those things right.

But what about the scary stuff like those grays, reptilians, mind control, and malevolent humans?

Yes, you can shift your own experience.  In these cases, we'll strongly rely on our own multidimensional aspects to support the process.  Many of these experiences are only powerful because they carry a lower vibration that lock us into an entrapping perspective.  I invite you to continue going up the scale of frequency until you achieve the healing, insight, or resolution you seek.

I understand that these things happen and that they're scary.  I personally would not offer services to support your process unless I had good reason to believe it is safe for us to do so.

What’s all this about dreams, dimensions, and consciousness?

Humans are multidimensional and psycho-spiritual beings.  We live multiple lives, we have access to vast realms of knowledge, and are capable of things like telepathy, telekinesis, and manifestations.  

Imagine the capability of our civilization if given years of prosperity and freedom to explore our multidimensional potential!  

ET/EDs use dreams and consciousness like a technology.  Lucid dreamers and psychonauts report realms of dreaming that feel more real than waking reality.

As a conscious being, you have rights and powers over the ET/ED technology insofar as it is based in consciousness. 

What’s your mission?

My mission is to help alleviate suffering and confusion related to ET/ED contact.  I want to live in a world of peace, love, joy, creativity, and connection.  I believe that human beings are multi-dimensional in nature and belong in a cosmic community of beings devoted to service and love.

What’s your frequency?

I pray to be of service to others according to our highest and best, according to the principle of non-harm.  I am committed to service with the understanding that you and I are already enlightened, complete, whole, and sovereign. I work with fields of peace-love-unity-consciousness in order to facilitate your experience of hypnosis. 

I strive to embody love, creativity, healing, understanding, and joy for my own benefit and the benefit of all sentient beings according to the principles of non-harm.

Why are you working with ET/ED contact experiences?

I am a contactee and am actively working with extra-dimensional beings through dream, energy, and shamanic realms of experiences.  These beings are oriented to service-to-others and vibrate with a field of peace-love-unity consciousness.  

We all want to help people who are suffering because of contact to find peace, love, and connection.  We offer our experience, methods, and energy connections for the purpose of alleviating suffering and deepening healing, understanding, transformation, and meaning in your human life.  

These extra-dimensional aspects of consciousness, who have participated in the on-going galactic narrative in the earth system, are confident in your ability to achieve the healing, understanding, or alleviation of suffering that you desire.  It doesn’t matter if you feel lost or a victim of nightmarish invasions, you can find peace, love, and connection.  

You can transform the cause of your suffering to be the cause of your peace, healing, understanding, or meaning.

How many sessions will this be?

Change can happen in a moment.  Most hypnosis experiences take 1-5 sessions to achieve lasting change.

What do you mean by “by donation”?

I mean you can pay what you like for the services before or after.  I want to make sure that anyone can get the help they need from their higher selves.

I know that the world will be that much more beautiful and connected when you shift from suffering or fear to peace, love, and joy.

The ET/ED Clinic Experience

The ET/ED Contact Clinic experience is designed to empower you to experience immediate results from the moment you first set your intention.  It is designed as an intervention for feelings of being lost, confused, a victim, or other experiences of suffering related to ET/ED contact in so far that it presents you an opportunity to express your own free will choice and invitation to your higher for for intervention..

It is absolutely possible to experience results immediately after inviting your higher self into the situation.  The Clinic asks you first to reflect on your experience, then to learn some concepts about your higher self, and finally to have an experience of guided self-hypnosis.

You’re invited to schedule a free 30 minute consultation in which we can talk through your experiences and how hypnosis sessions could serve you.  If we feel like it's a good fit, I’ll invite you to schedule sessions by donation.

As your experience progresses, I’ll invite you to complete some follow-up forms to ensure that my practice is effective and that you’re integrating any hypnosis experience in the best way possible. 

1. Intake Questionnaire

One of the first steps of hypnosis is to get clear on your intent.  It's also important for our conversation that I understand your experience and worldview.  I'll invite you to complete an intake form prior to 

2. Multidimensional Experience 101

It's helpful to have a working understanding of how hypnosis can be effective and how multidimensional experience occur.  I'll invite you to read a short article that offers imaginative concepts that will help you on your journey.

3. Guided Self-Hypnosis Sessions

These tracks invite you to relax and work with you higher self to achieve your own intention.  They provide experiences of grounding, clearing, and protection.  They will invite you to receive a gift from your higher self to help you in your life here and now.  They conclude with an opportunity to express your free-will choice about your own experience.

4. Free Consultation

You're invited to schedule a free consultation for us to discuss your story and how hypnosis can serve you.  It's a chance to ask any questions you like and to be heard in your story.  If we feel like hypnosis is a good fit, I'll invite you to schedule sessions with me by donation.

5. Session Work

You're invited to schedule a free consultation for us to discuss your story and how hypnosis can serve you.  It's a chance to ask any questions you like and to be heard in your story.  If we feel like hypnosis is a good fit, I'll invite you to schedule sessions with me by donation.

6. Integration and follow up

It's important to integrate your hypnosis experiences into your life.  I'll send you form to check-in with your integration process and to see if you need addition support.  

Want to get started now?

You can find immediate relief, healing, transformation, and meaning simply by relaxing and working with your higher self. 

Please review the concepts below, experience self-hypnosis, and schedule your consultation below.


Before we begin any work together, I’d like to offer a few simple definitions as working concepts.  I invite you to consider them as experiments or hypotheses, you don't have to believe them to explore what they may mean in your life.

Contact with Extra-Terrestrial and Extra-Dimensional Beings

Extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional beings (ET/EDs for short) are any sentient being whose native realm of experience is outside of the Earth system and/or the local four dimensions of spacetime.

These beings may be experienced as typical aliens, angels, demons, light beings, fairies, cryptid, orbs, and so on.  While these beings exist on a spectrum from imaginal to physical, contact with them is always real because it has impacted you in a real way. 

Contact happens through many different means that depend on the person experiencing contact.  Unless you’ve specifically trained for the experience of contact, first contact is often surprising and intense because communication happens through what you could imagine as telepathy.

Consciousness is Fundamental Reality

Beyond the world of ordinary waking consciousness, there lies a realm of possibilities and creation we call dreams.  The realm of dreams and consciousness is more fundamental than the physical waking world.  In some way, our waking world and all its technologies are derivative of the multi-dimensional realms of dream and soul.

Consider dreams, meditation, visions, near death experiences, out of body experiences, psychedelics, mystical experiences, religious experiences, and so on.  All these experiences tell us that the world of mind, soul, and dream is more real than the illusion of our ordinary waking consciousness.

Contact with ET/EDs happens through technology that arises from consciousness.  Many contactees report missing time, telepathy, and technology that responds to thought.  Many contact experiences happen only in dream or have been mistaken for dreams.

Dimensions of Karma

There are many types of causes.  Consider a crime where someone is a victim of a perpetrator.  You might say that the perpetrator’s evil motivation caused the crime or else the fact that the victim and the perpetrator were in the same place and time.  

When we take a multidimensional or higher consciousness perspective, we might see that we are a cause of all our experiences.  Hypnosis deals with past and far life experiences, which you’re simply invited to understand as dream experiences rather than as historical events.  The soul that connects all these lives often choose various roles to play out a drama of development.

Karma is a word that means cause and effect.  It communicates a sense of spiritual or psychological cause in addition to the more material causes.  Considering the karma of your experience from the perspective of your higher self is often healing and informative.

Free Will and Its Frustration

As humans, we are sovereign beings with free will and yet we constantly experience frustration of our will.  You might pray to have good dreams and yet experience a nightmare.   Free will allows us to navigate our place in the world, but our free will must be expressed through karma.

If you keep having recurrent frustrations or issues, like a nightmare or situation in our life, then you’re invited to consider all the different dimensions of karma.  There may be a belief or agreement that is hidden in your subconscious that undermines your conscious decision.  

There are many levels of a human being, each of which have rules of cause and effect.  Your conscious choice, decision, or intention needs to touch every level of your being in order for it to effectively transform your experience in the world.

Working with Your Higher Self through Hypnosis

Your higher self is that multidimensional part of you that enables contact with ET/ED beings.  I define it as the perfect synthesis of your subconscious, conscious, and superconscious mind.  It is capable of providing healing, understanding, and transformation.

Working with your higher self is natural and does not require you to do anything more than talk to it. Hypnosis simply invites you to relax and have deeper conversation with your higher self.

All meaningful hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  I simply invite you to hear suggestions and instructions, you choose to follow them.  You are always in control and conscious, you are just more relaxed, almost like a daydream, and in this way, you communicate deeper with your higher self.

Guided Self-Hypnosis Audio

This guided self-hypnosis audio track is designed to provide immediate healing, understanding, and transformation by inviting a deepening communication between you and your higher self.

The self-hypnosis track invites you to radically shift your experience by offering simple instructions to engage your higher self for your benefit according to the principles of non-harm.

The track is around 25 minutes.  Please listen in a space where you feel comfortable and safe, free from distractions.  Know that you are in complete control of the experience and that you may transform any uncomfortable instruction with one that serves your highest good. 

While you don't need to remember all these steps because the track will offer guidance, you may appreciate a sense of what you'll do:

  1. Ground and clear you field, establish sense of safety and protection, through imagery of white light
  2. Connect with higher self by imaging it as a meaningful avatar and asking it for a gift or message
  3. Work with your higher self to declare your sovereign as a being of free will and your intention for healing, understanding, or transformation 

MP3 Audio Track

You may play the audio track in your browser or else download it by clicking the 3 vertical circles in the right of the audio player below.

Schedule Clinic Sessions

Please use the scheduler below to select a time for your consultation.  Once we've had a chance to talk and we feel hypnosis is a good fit for your, I'll invite you to schedule Clinic Sessions by donation.