ET/ED Contact Support Prayer

Prayer is the expression of intention in a sacred way that impacts experience through miraculous ways. You don't need to believe in God, angels, or manifestation for this to work. You simply need to be open to the idea and to express your own will.

Prayer is the consciousness by which our wills express themselves in our vibratory frequency and in the world around us. It connects us with our higher power, whether that's your higher self, the universe, or God/Goddess. It connects us with sources of power and transformation that truly can effect the change for which we yearn.

Many people turn to prayer in moments of crises, which is the best time because you have the opportunity to learn it works through something that matters to you. You many be feeling many things and you may have already tried to pray and nothing happened, that's okay.

I invite you to learn a little about how prayer works, invite you to prayer for yourself, and then invite you to submit a prayer request for me to read in my own daily prayers for healing, peace, and love in ET/ED Contact Experiences.

How prayer works

Prayer works because of a variety of reasons and causes. The concepts I offer here aren't meant to explain the world, they're meant to invite you to effective prayer, so feel free to work with them in a way that works for you.

At some level, you are personally responsible for your own experience. You choose to be here and to experience whatever it is you are experiencing. You might not have consciously chosen these experiences, but you can likely trace causes back to your own decisions.

I often imagine humans as a symphony of notes. Some are harmonious, some aren't. Prayer helps create a harmonious frequency within your being.

Our higher powers (the universe, God/Goddess, source) are capable of responding to our prayers, but we need to ask clearly first. When we're disharmonious, our prayers may not be heard as well. Of course, anything is possible with our higher selves and powers, but it really does help to do our part.

One reason your prayers might not have the response you desire is that you are praying for many different things with your frequency. Often times trauma will split our souls up into parts. Some of these parts hide away until they feel safe to come back. In these cases, it may be helpful to invite those parts back. Praying for integration is a great way to do this.

The object of prayer is meaningful. There's usually many ways to say the same thing and it's important how we say it. For example, you might want to always be able to feed your kids. If you pray for cash to buy groceries, your inner symphony is expressing all the vibrations of cash and money. But if you pray for ability to always nourish your kids, then you're vibrating with love, which is much more potent.

Similarly, it's important who you're praying to. I recommend praying to your higher self and higher power, however you define those. I invite my wise and well guides, teachers, ancestors, relations who have my highest good as their intent and act according to the principles of non-harm.

My daily prayer goes something like:

I connect with the directions: east, south, west, north, sky, earth, heart.
I connect with the elements: earth, air, water, fire, spirit.
I connect with the white light of the cosmos, flowing through my head, through my root, to the center of the earth.
I connect with the white light from the center of the earth, flowing through my root to my head.
The white light forms a sphere of grounding, protecting, clearing, and guiding all around me.
I call in relations who are wise and well, who act according to the principle of non-harm, for my benefit and the benefit of all my relations. I invite them in to my life to do to take action on my behalf, whether asked consciously or unconsciously, in alignment with my prayers and intentions.

I pray to be of service today in alignment with my vows, with earth, heart, and spirit for my benefit and my relations...

From there, I'll list out my specific prayer for the day. If you'd like, I'd love to include you and your intention here. Please fill out the form below.

To end the prayer, I simply feel graditude for the connection and the knowing that I will receive a miraculous response. I'll say "Amen" and sometimes close the space by dedicating the prayer to the benefit of all beings.

Prayer Requests

Prayer is one of the most effective tools for shifting experiences of suffering related to ET/ED Contact. I invite you to share your prayer request with me and I will include it in my own daily prayers for a period of time. I'd be happy to pray for you and your situation even if we never have a hypnosis session.

I offer prayer as an immediate way to work with your intention because it is effective. Having someone else pray for you does something quantum to your field and intention. Imagine that symphony of frequencies within you, when you ask someone else to pray in a clear way, it's like inviting a musician in to support your own music.

I confidently offer hypnosis services to people with unwanted ET/ED contact experiences. I fully understand the intensity of these experiences and the related feelings of powerlessness, confusion, fear, and suffering.

I connect daily with energies and frequencies that inspire my confidence in working with such intense experiences. I am not afraid for myself or family. Rather, I am confident that by working with such intense experiences, my family and I will experience a world of deepening peace, love, and unity. My confidence is based in the real experiences of prayer.

I invite you to share your prayer request with me because I believe that the energies and frequencies that inspire my own confidence can also inspire yours if you were to provide permission and invitation for that to happen.

If you'd like to me to pray for you, please fill out this form below.  I will include your request in my prayers according to the principle of non-harm and the frequency of peace-love-unity consciousness.

Prayer Request for ET/ED Contact Support